CABEI presents its financial programs to representatives of Nicaragua's trade and services sector


The multilateral currently has an active portfolio of US$119.28 million channeled through 8 Nicaraguan intermediary financial institutions.

Managua, June 13th, 2022.- Regional programs and projects that contribute to the dynamization of the countries' economic activity, such as DINAMICA, CAMBIO II , Dry Corridor and the Facility to Support the Financial Sector for the Financing of MSMEs, were presented this Monday by a delegation from the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) to the Nicaraguan Chamber of Commerce and Services, which is made up of more than 1,000 associates.

In addition to these innovative initiatives, the multilateral organization explained how its global credit lines for the financial system work, which channel resources under favorable conditions to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) and the foreign trade, housing, production, services, industry, environment and energy sectors, among others, contributing to the generation of employment and the dynamization of the economy.

"We continue to support Nicaragua by financing private initiatives that have the potential to impact the country's competitiveness and bring opportunities to areas identified as priorities that can become national development poles, in addition to having a comprehensive perspective that prioritizes the income generation component through the promotion and development of capacities," commented CABEI Executive President Dr. Dante Mossi.

A total of 43.0% of CABEI's total portfolio in 2021 was composed of financial intermediation activities, and in the case of Nicaragua, the multilateral currently has an active portfolio of US$119.28 million, which has a positive impact on the countries' economic, social and environmental development.

The meeting was part of the follow-up to the first meeting held between the Bank and Nicaragua's private sector in May with a view to strengthening strategic alliances and providing the necessary information so that associations, chambers and companies are aware of the advantages and mechanisms available to them through CABEI.