In order to boost the country’s economic performance, during 2018 the Bank approved new loans totaling US$283.5 million, representing 11.6% of CABEI’s total approvals during the year.

As part of CABEI’s priorities in the framework of the Strategic Axes contemplated in the 2015 – 2019 Institutional Strategy, in 2018, the Bank’s authorizations in favor of El Salvador were oriented toward contributing to the country’s Competitiveness, with a total of US$150.0 million and expanding Social Development with US$133.5 million.

The disbursements made during 2018 were mostly destined to the Strategic Axis of Competitiveness for an amount of US$97.8 million, which represents 50.7% of the total amount disbursed. In second place was the Strategic Axis of Social Development with US$58.0 million, which represents 30.1% of the disbursements, followed by the Strategic Axis of Regional Integration with US$37.1 million, which represented 19.2% of disbursements.

Regarding Focus Areas, disbursements in 2018 were destined to finance development interventions corresponding to the Energy Area with 28.1% of the total disbursed, followed by Human Development and Social Infrastructure with 25.1%, Productive Infrastructure with 22.9%, Financial Intermediation and Development Finance with 13.0%, Services for Competitiveness with 6.4%, and finally Rural Development and the Environment with 4.4%.