The country has been a member of CABEI since 1995 and has eight approved operations. The areas of work are science and technology, education, health, infrastructure, MSME digital transformation, rural development and actions to protect against gender-based violence.

Each of the programs is implemented by Argentine government ministries under the coordination of the Strategic Affairs Secretariat.

We came to the country with programs and projects that will change the lives of millions of Argentine men and women. Eight operations have been approved for a total of US$ 379 million.

Operations Summary

Country limit: USD 390,6 million.

Available quota (approvals):USD 11,6 million.

Gross portfolio:USD 24,2 million.

Historical approvals: USD 469,0 million.

Total outstanding approvals:USD 379,0 million.

Current operations



Sergio Massa. He is an Argentine lawyer and politician. He attended primary and secondary studies at the Colegio Agustiniano. He received his law degree from the University of Belgrano and was awarded a scholarship by the Canovas del Castillo Foundation, University of the Balearic Islands, Spain and in 1993 by the Young Republican Foundation, Washington DC. Current position: Minister of Economy of the Nation.

Alternate Governor

Leandro Adrián Gorgal. Under Secretary of International Financial Relations for Development, he has a degree in political science, a Master's degree in Public Administration and Policy (UdeSA) and a Master's degree in Development Planning and Administration (University College London).

He has extensive experience in external financing and international lending agencies, where his time as Senior Executive in institutional development of CAF-development bank of Latin America (2014-2018) and as National Director of Financing with International Credit Organizations of the Strategic Affairs Secretariat of the Nation's Presidency (2020-2021).

Director for Argentina and Colombia

Maximiliano Alonso. Director and representative for Argentina at the Central American Bank for Economic Integration. He chairs the Directors' Strategy, Programming and Evaluation Committee (CEPE) and the Access to Information Committee.

He is a graduate and Master in Management from the Centro de Estudios Financieros of Spain. He also holds a Master in Public Management from the Université Libre de Bruxelles and a PhD in Economics from the same institution.

He has served as a reference in science, technology and innovation in the European Union and is one of the coordinators of the Argentinean researchers network for Belgium and Luxembourg. He was appointed as senior advisor to the National Youth Council of Spain for employment issues and is currently on the board of the Social Responsibility Observatory of Latin America and the Caribbean of Unesco.

Communication and External Relations Office


LXII Assembly of Governors states willingness to strengthen CABEI

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