During fiscal year 2018, the Bank approved US$365.1 million to Nicaragua in public sector operations. All development interventions approved in the year were only for the public sector.

The development interventions approved during the year remained framed in the Strategic Axes of the 2015 – 2019 Institutional Strategy, with US$35.3 million for strengthening Social Development, US$235.6 million for improvement of the country’s Competitiveness and US$94.2 million for Regional Integration.

The financial resources disbursed in favor of Nicaragua during 2018 amounted to US$405.9 million, an amount that represented 21.8% of the CABEI total disbursements during that period. This amount includes disbursements to the Central Bank of Nicaragua for US$200.0 million under the contingent line for central banks approved by the Board of Directors.

The disbursements granted for the different operations were mostly destined to the Strategic Axis of Competitiveness (US$338.6 million), which represents 83.0% of total disbursements to Nicaragua; followed by the Strategic Axis of Social Development (US$59.7 million), which represents 15.0% of total disbursements; as well as the Strategic Axis of Regional Integration (US$7.6 million), which represents 2.0% of the total disbursed.