Nicaragua is one of the founding members of CABEI since 1960, its shareholding is 10.79% with a subscribed capital of US$714.00 million. Currently, CABEI in the country has a portfolio of projects aimed to the public sector for an amount of US$1,6 billion and approvals for US$890.17 million.

While in the private sector, the Support Facility for the Financial Sector for Financing MSMEs advances with the channeling of disbursements to allied financial institutions for the sum of US$70.9 million.

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CABEI accompanies the economic, social and environmental growth of Nicaragua.

The Bank contributes to the reduction of poverty and inequality by improving the quality of life of more than 6 million Nicaraguans through the execution of 33 programs and projects aimed at sectors such as: health, infrastructure, energy, water, housing, agriculture and climate change, among others.