CABEI's financial consolidation and equity strengthening are fundamental to provide the region with a constant flow of resources, aligned with the priorities established by its partners.

On June 9, 2016, the amendments to the Institution's Articles of Agreement, which were approved by the CABEI's Board of Governors in 2015, came into effect. The recent modifications favored the Bank's path to growth with the commitment of a greater capitalization by the Dominican Republic and the Republic of Panama, who increased their participation in CABEI's stock capital in 2016.

On April 2020 CABEI approved its eight General Capital Increase. This increase authorized by the Board of Directors was from US$5,000 million to US$7,000, which represents a 40% growth in CABEI´s capital.

Among other aspects, the reforms are intended to continue strengthening its capital base through recurrent capitalization processes.

In this context, CABEI continues to consolidate its credit profile by expanding its shareholder base and maintaining strong support from its member countries, materialized through the capital payments received to date.

Capital Structure

December 2023