During 2018, CABEI approved the Hospital Infrastructure and Equipment Investment Program, for the Republic of Guatemala to renovate three hospitals and expand two hospitals in the public services network, for an amount of US$193.2 million. The Program promotes Social Development, and also supports the economic activity of healthcare and social assistance.

Regarding the CABEI Focus Areas and pursuant to its “2015 – 2019 Institutional Strategy: Integrating Sustainable Development and Competitiveness,” the initiative is framed in the Focus Area of Human Development and Social Infrastructure.

CABEI allocated resources to Guatemala through the disbursement of US$115.1 million.

The majority (67.3%) of the disbursements were directed at the Strategic Axis of Competitiveness. Additionally, CABEI supported the Strategic Axis of Regional Integration with 21.6% of disbursements and 11.1% was allocated to that of Social Development.

The above is reflected in the classification of disbursements by Focus Area, showing that 63.6%, US$73.2 million, was allocated to the Area of Services for Competitiveness; while Productive Infrastructure received 35.9% of resources; and Rural Development and the Environment, 0.5%.