The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) as a decisive ally for Central America has the mission to promote the economic integration and the balanced and social development of the region, which includes the founding countries and the non-founding regional countries, attending and aligning itself with the interest of all its member countries

As evidence, it’s worth mentioning some projects directed to improve the social wellness of the region, such as The Central American Program for Housing and Sustainable Habitat Development” (VIDHAS, for its acronym in Spanish) is a framework program for the housing sector, which finances programs and projects that aim to improve the quality of life through housing conditions and their habitat, CABEI's Program for the Reduction of Poverty and Economic and Social Exclusion (PRPEES, for its acronym in Spanish) emerged with the objective of financing operations that directly address the needs of the poorest and most vulnerable population of their territories, the programs and projects approved under PRPEES are financed with CABEI's own resources under very concessional conditions. In addition, in 2020, to better cope with the effects brought by COVID-19, CABEI has created an Emergency Program for an amount of US$3,060 million to provide financial resources to finance operations for the prevention, detection and treatment of COVID-19 and mitigation of its economic impact in the region. Hand in hand with CABEI's well-rooted objectives to help improve the quality of life of Central Americans, in November 2020, Central America was massively struck by two devastating hurricanes, ETA and IOTA, which brought along enormous damage in terms of infrastructure, crop losses and damage to the housing infrastructure of the region, during a summit of the Central American presidents held at CABEI´s headquarters in Honduras, the bank announced the approval of the Central American Program for Resilient Reconstruction in response to natural disaster emergencies for an amount of US$2.5 billion, accessible to the Central American countries upon request. These resources will be oriented to finance projects that address and prevent natural disasters for the sake of adapting to climate change, to restore livelihoods and create socioeconomic opportunities in affected communities.

For the sake of continuing with projects oriented to the social sector, CABEI has created a Social Bond Framework aimed to support social development projects improving the quality of life of Central Americans. CABEI invests its resources in projects that stimulate the development of the Central American region, aiming to reduce poverty and inequality, it also intends to strengthen regional integration for the competitive inclusion of its member countries. All activities and initiatives promoted by the Bank incorporate emphasis on environmental, social and sustainable best practices, following CABEI´s 2020-2024 institutional strategy through its human development and social inclusion axis, which is aligned to the efforts of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (“UN SDGs”).

CABEI´s institutional strategy is the guide for the Social framework and what the bank follows to accompany the Central American countries in their efforts to achieve new phases of economic development and better opportunities for human well-being. CABEI is also the portal for the international community to help identify possibilities for action in the region, in hand with other multilateral organizations, friendly countries and organizations of a different nature. As defined in the spine of the bank´s mission, CABEI is firmly committed to support the Central American region towards building a future accomplishing a more inclusive economic and social development.