Through the Internship Program unpaid, CABEI offers young people in university education, the opportunity to learn about the operations of a Multilateral Development Bank, while supporting our organization in different jobs, strengthening their professional experience.

The program is designed for young trainees who have completed all subjects in the curriculum university degree or are about to finish in careers related to the management of the Bank also this experience helps them meet the requirements of professional practice required to obtain a bachelor's degree at your university.


The internship lasts an average of 3 months; although this may vary according to the requirement demanded by the university and / or the Bank. 

Minimum requirements

  1. Academic Excellence (75%).
  2. Letter from the University requesting the internship at the BCIE.
  3. Curriculum Vitae with recent photo.
  4. Certification of notes of the university career (indispensable) in which the General Average of Notes (GPA) is included.
  5. English as second language.
  6. Good performance during the interview.
  7. Willingness to learn and sense of responsibility.


The area assigned to perform their professional practice depends on two factors: the academic training and experience of the intern; the demand for support existing in the different dependencies of the Bank. The intern must demonstrate flexibility and willingness to serve as support in the work of the Bank in which it is required. 


Documentation of candidates for the program is received permanently. It is recommended that the application be sent at least 3 weeks before the date on which it is considered appropriate to begin the practice. These documents will be received only through the following email:

"The Bank reserves the right to offer professional practice to the people who apply, according to demand for support from the agencies and the evaluation that is made to the candidates."