How to request information?

To request information use the electronic form below.

In the attached video you can learn about CABEI's commitment to process and respond to requests for information.

General application data

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Please provide specific details of the information you are requesting. If possible indicate the type of document, year, date, country, and any other details.

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You must enter the phone number in a valid international format. Examples: (+1) 222-333-4444 or +123 1234-5678 or (+12) 3-45678-90123
To increase transparency, CABEI discloses the response to requests for information and review received without reflecting any personal information of the requesters. While the Bank reserves the right to disclose aggregate information on requests for information, on occasion and in order to fulfill its legal responsibilities, the Bank may be required to share the full details of requests for information and review received. If you wish the Bank to keep your identity confidential.

Transaction information (if known)

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