Who is able to report/complaint a case?
Any person (natural or juridical) including CABEI´s staff or related Third Parties, can submit a report/complaint.
Third Parties are any natural or juridical person, other than CABEI´s staff, including persons or entities that have or intend to have relationships with CABEI, such as borrowers, beneficiaries, recipients of cooperation or assistance, executing agencies, project supervisors, consultants or providers of financial resources, goods and services.

What type of cases or complaints can be submitted through the reporting channel?
The complainants will be able to report allegations or the commission of any irregularity or prohibited practice (fraud, corruption, collusion, coercion, obstruction) in the use of CABEI´s resources or of administered funds. Environmental and/or Social issues associated with projects financed by CABEI, lack of ethics or standards of conduct by any staff member, as well as any other allegations.

CABEI does not tolerate the occurrence of corrupt, fraudulent, coercive, collusive or obstructive practice or other unlawfulness in its operations, promoting the efficient use of its resources to achieve the development goals of its member countries.

Anonymous reports and confidentiality
Anonymous reports are admitted. CABEI will treat confidentially the identity of both the informant and the reported party, as well as of all the information resulting from the processes executed after receiving a report.

No CABEI authority, regardless of their rank, may take any action or measure against the party presenting a report; nor may they encourage third parties to take acts or measures that could be interpreted as retaliation for presenting a report.

CABEI will not accept reports/complaints about facts or incidents that are reported more than ten (10) years after the fact.