CABEI has implemented the Reporting Channel, a mechanism designed to receive reports and allegations of irregularities, unethical situations, the commission of prohibited practices or regulatory breaches in the use of its funds or resources administered by CABEI. Reports about environmental and/or social issues or damages related to CABEI´s projects can be reported as well.

If you want to send a report or complaint about the aforementioned facts or irregularities related to internal processes or projects financed by CABEI, go to the following link “Reporting Channel”. Once you have entered the Reporting Channel, select the option “SEND A REPORT”.

The information provided is for CABEI's internal use only and will be treated confidentially. CABEI will not take any action against the individual who has filed the report since it may be interpreted as a form of retaliation.

Integrity and Compliance Office


You can also make a report of events or irregularities through the following email:

Voice Channels:

  • 0-800-122-7374
  • 0-800-999-4636

  • 54- 11-4850-0820

  • 01-800-752-2222

  • 0-800-054-1046

  • 54 11 4850-0810

  • 800-6988

  • 1-800-835-0393

  • 800-2791-9047

  • 504-2240-2399

  • 800-123-3312
  • 800-444-0597

  • 505-2253-8663

  • 507-368-0398

  • 1-888-760-0133