Throughout the 2014 – 2018 five-year period, approvals for Mexico totaled US$150.0 million, representing 1.5% of the Bank’s total approvals during the last five years. Such approvals were aimed at the public sector.

Its operations fall under the framework of the following Strategic Axes: 50.0% for Social Development and 50.0% for Competitiveness. 100.0% of its portfolio corresponds to the Energy Focus Area. In this framework, it supports the economic activity of electricity, gas, steam, and air conditioning supply.

During this period, US$142.5 million were disbursed, representing 1.8% of the Bank’s total disbursements.

As for the portfolio of active operations, Mexico reached an amount of US$119.9 million during 2018, representing 1.6% of the Bank’s total portfolio.