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CABEI in Costa Rica

For the ninth consecutive year, the CABEI office in Costa Rica receives Carbon Neutrality certification

For the ninth consecutive year, the country regional office of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) in San José was certified as Carbon Neutral, a distinction that it has managed to maintain thanks to important efforts of efficient control of consumptions that in turn are reported as eco-efficiency goals.


CABEI creates employment opportunities among Costa Ricans

The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) stands out as an important protagonist committed to the development of its founding member country, Costa Rica, by creating jobs for its inhabitants.


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Healthcare system strengthened and within the reach of Costa Ricans with CABEI's support

Strengthening a nation's health systems allows it to provide timely care to its inhabitants and ensure that it is equitable, which in turn allows it to be a more productive and competitive population through the enjoyment of good health.


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Water for all: The impact of the CABEI social welfare in Costa Rica

The strategic collaboration between the country's authorities and CABEI has been crucial for implementing innovative and sustainable water management solutions, both in the increase and construction of works, as well as in proper sanitation and sewerage.