Executive President

Dante Mossi

As of December 1, 2018, Dr. Mossi of Honduran nationality holds the position of Executive President of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI). It is the highest authority of the administration and the legal representative of the institution.

Dr. Dante Mossi holds a Ph.D. in Economics with a specialization in Public Finance from Vanderbilt University; a Master's Degree in Economics with specialization in Econometrics from Duke University and a degree in Electrical Engineering from the National Autonomous University of Honduras.

Executive Vice President

Jaime Roberto Díaz Palacios

Mr. Diaz Palacios has a solid professional career of more than 15 years in the field of Economics and Finance for Development, in the public sector and in economic development from a think tank with cross-cutting impact, leading the program of National competitiveness of Guatemala (between 2012 and 2015) and in the World Bank with the position of Senior Advisor for the Executive Director (between 2015 and 2019). 

 His work experience is additionally supported by a robust professional training of undergraduate studies in Economics from the Francisco Marroquín University of Guatemala, a Master in Economics from the LSE, followed by a Master in Public Administration from Harvard University.