Medium and long-term funding instruments are made up of

Bond Issues

CABEI's financing strategy allows it to diversify its funding structure through different instruments and programs, with a greater amount of deposits from capital markets.

The Bank's fundraising activities have made it possible to find efficient financing alternatives by presenting the necessary flexibility to meet the particular needs of each type of investor.

The main instrument that CABEI uses to issue bonds is the Medium-Term Note Program (MTN), registered in Luxembourg for an amount of up to US$ 8 billion. The Program is a flexible mechanism capable of placing issues of securities in different currencies, terms and types of rates, in both Central American and extraregional international capital markets.

CABEI also has other Programs that require local registration

  • Australian Medium-Term Note Program (AMTN), registered in Australia and focused on the Kangaroo Market for an amount of up to AUD 600.0 million.
  • Japan Shelf Program (ASR), registered in Japan and focused on the Samurai Market for an amount of up to JPY 25 billion.
  • Domestic Programs, focused on local financial markets.

The Bank has consolidated its presence in the international and local capital markets, through the issuance of bonds in the markets of the United States, Europe, Asia, Oceania and various Latin American countries.

Since its first issuance on May 1997, CABEI has raised USD14,308,537,160.08 million through 142 bond placements, in 24 different currencies and 23 different markets.

CABEI Presence in Capital Markets
CABEI's active participation in international capital markets reflects the good standing of its credit profile, as well as its maturity as an international issuer.

CABEI in Regional Markets
CABEI has encouraged the dynamism and development of regional capital markets. Historically, it has placed 20 issues for an equivalent of USD 633.7 million in the public and private securities markets of the Central American region and the Dominican Republic.

CABEI's participation in local markets has contributed to:


CABEI obtains loans and credit lines from official, multilateral, and bilateral financial institutions and Export Credit Agencies, as well as from international banks to channel resources to strategic sectors such as microfinance, renewable energy, infrastructure, rural development and education.