CABEI may grant loans, preferably medium- and long-term loans, to finance investments of new and operating entities, including refinancing of existing obligations.

Type of loans to choose from:

  • Cofinanced Loans
  • Structured Loans
  • Syndicated Loans and A/B Loans
  • Loans for Investment Projects (Project Finance Scheme)
  • Refinancing

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Credit Lines

The Bank makes credit lines available that financial institutions, central banks of the founding countries and decentralized public entities may use in accordance with the Bank's policies.

These include the following products:

  • Global Credit Line (GCL) to Intermediary Financial Institutions (IFIs).
    Used by commercial banks and other financial institutions that meet the eligibility requirements for intermediating financial resources.
  • Line to Support the Liquidity Management of the Central Banks of CABEI's Founding Countries.
    The Bank provides revolving credit lines to the Central Banks of CABEI's Founding Countries with the general objective of supporting the liquidity management of these institutions.
  • Credit Line for Decentralized Public Entities and Central American Integration Institutions.
    CABEI provides credit lines to decentralized public entities and Central American integration institutions with the objective of meeting their working capital needs, provided that such institutions or entities meet the eligibility requirements.

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Guarantees and Letters of Credit

The Bank can offer guarantees and letters of credit according to the client's needs and the regulations applicable to each instrument.

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CABEI can act as a lessor and channel the financing of assets through the financial leasing scheme.

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Pre-Investment and Technical Cooperation

CABEI can provide resources for the implementation of pre-investment and technical cooperation programs. It also has non-reimbursable grants for the founding countries, emergency and natural disasters aid.

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Equity and Quasi-equity Investment

The Bank may enter into quasi-equity or equity transactions through subordinated debt and equity investments.

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Derivative Instruments

CABEI may offer derivative or hedging instruments to credit institutions, either directly and independently or as part of a comprehensive financing solution.

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