CABEI offers you the opportunity to be part of our team, currently we are looking for professionals characterized by their high motivation towards challenging and cutting-edge initiatives to be part of a process of innovation and expansion of new products and markets, as well as modern financing programs and development towards the region.

As part of CABEI, you get an attractive salary package with benefits market, you obtain the category of Superior International Officer Plant, performance bonuses and holidays, health insurance, life insurance, pension fund, pay per rootlessness , benefit of household and installation, tax exemption, among others.

Strength and Stability

To promote regional development CABEI has its Institutional Strategy demonstrating the success of the institutional plan to boost regional development through the axes of social development, competitiveness, regional integration and environmental sustainability, which are fully consistent with the needs and the reality of the member countries.

In its role as the main multilateral development, CABEI stands out for its financial strength and sustained improvements by the main international risk rating agencies, which has allowed it to raise funds increasingly, with its emissions in international markets and These resources are continually invested in projects that have an impact on development to boost the well-being of Central Americans.

To learn about the CABEI benefits you can see the following video:

Gender Equity and Opportunities

Our selection processes start from the equality of opportunities for all candidates based on the application of criteria related to the capacities, skills, experiences, knowledge and competences necessary for the position, in search of a fair treatment, in an environment of integrity and respect.

CABEI ensure non-discrimination on grounds of race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ethnicity, age, marital status, disability, physical appearance, HIV or any legally protected category, and values diversity as a means to enrich the ways of acting of employees and the Institution.