CABEI’s 2020-2024 Institutional Strategy gathers the experiences of the Bank’s sixty years of work, the global economic and geopolitical context it faces, and the institutional challenges confronted in itself and that demand reforms.

The Strategy is the guide that the Bank must follow in order to support the Central American countries in their efforts to achieve new phases of economic development and better opportunities for well-being. It is also the portal for the international community to more clearly identify its possibilities for action in the region and the added value that the Bank represents in this effort by accompanying other multilateral organizations, friendly countries and organizations of a different nature.

The Bank has defined five strategic axes to guide its interventions and facilitate the implementation of the 2020-2024 Institutional Strategy.

Strategic Axes

Icono Eje Estrategia 1

Environmental and Social Sustainability

Cross-cutting axis

Through the approval of programs and projects that favor social appropriation and address the need to preserve the environment


Icono Competitividad

Sustainable Competitiveness

Strategic Axis

Seeks to intervene in the strengthening of economic, social and institutional factors that determine regional competitiveness.


Icono Integración Regional

Regional Integration

Strategic Axis

By means of regional initiatives in specific sectors, financing and promoting the region as an integrated market.


Icono Desarrollo Humano

Human Development and Social Inclusion

Strategic Axis

Generates social capacities that lead to achieving the objective of improving the well-being and quality of life of the Central American region.


Icono equidad de genero

Gender Equality

Cross-cutting axis

Through programs and projects that favor equal opportunities and economic and social conditions in the population.