Credit Management

The Credit Office is responsible for carrying out the analysis of credit operations and supervision and monitoring of credit operations, through the application of current regulations and in accordance with the best international practices that allow CABEI to maintain a healthy credit portfolio.

Contact information:
Randall Chang, Credit Manager


Private Sector Office

The Private Sector Office is responsible for facilitating the generation, negotiation, and management of new operations in the private sector.

Contact Information:

Griseida Ponce, Private Sector Manager, a.i.


Public Sector Office

The Public Sector Office is responsible for generating, identifying, formulating, structuring, and managing projects and programs of the sovereign public sector, non-sovereign public sector, and central banks that may be financed by the Bank under any of its applicable financing modalities, with the objective of promoting economic integration and balanced economic and social development of the Central American region. This includes the founding countries and the non-founding regional countries, as well as the non-regional member countries.

Contact Information:
Manuel Torres, Sovereign Public Sector Manager



Finance Division

The Finance Office is responsible for mobilizing resources to finance the Bank's different projects and programs, as well as evaluating and defining the optimal capacity to grant credit, guaranteeing adequate levels of capital that allow the financial sustainability of the Bank in the long term.

Contact Information:

Carlos Sánchez, Finance Office, a.i.


General Services and Financial Control Management

The General Services and Financial Control Office is responsible for directing and coordinating the provision of administrative services, outsourced services, and institutional procurement for the entire Bank. It plans and manages the use of the bank's fixed assets, as well as the real estate and facilities in which the Bank operates. This includes the management of construction projects of new facilities, procurement, improvements, and adaptations of real estate in order to support the achievement of the Bank's strategic objectives. It is responsible for managing and controlling the financial operations (active, passive, and derivatives) of the Bank, in accordance with the contractual conditions acquired in order to guarantee the reliability of financial information.

Contact information:
Francisco Cornejo, General Services and Financial Control Manager


Information Technology Management

The Information Technology Office is responsible for leading the technological vision that allows the Bank to achieve its strategic objectives through the development of digital capabilities, which guarantee operations, the functionality of technological platforms, and the user-oriented digital environment, based on services of excellence and high availability. It promotes a culture of quality, agility, efficiency, and risk minimization in the use of digital resources in a governance framework based on best practices and continuous process improvement.

Contact Information:
Zurama Corea, Information Technology Management


Risk Management

The Risk Office is the body responsible for advising and monitoring the Comprehensive Risk Management System, with the objective of providing reasonable security regarding the mitigation of relevant or critical risks for the institution. Additionally, it is responsible for administering and managing the risks of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing, Integrity and Sanctions in accordance with the guidelines, policies, procedures and tools in force at CABEI, with the purpose of preventing and
mitigating the effects that could occur if the organization, its operations, or activities are used as a vehicle for money laundering, financing of terrorism, risks of fraud and corruption that materialize preventing compliance with CABEI's fiduciary duty, damage to the image and reputation derived from sanctions, and other related activities

Contact information:
Juan Mourra, Risk Manager


CABEI Foundation

The CABEI Social Support Foundation is responsible for promoting social projects in favor of member countries through the attraction of resources through instruments that, among others, could include donations, co-financing, associations, consortia, alliances, and any other mechanism that can be used to achieve its objective. These
resources will be administered by the Bank and subsequently channeled towards programs and projects that meet the eligibility criteria determined.

Contact Information:

Jaejin Lee, Manager CABEI Foundation



Planning and Budget Office

The Planning and Budget Office's objective is to lead and consolidate the institutional strategic planning process, including the five-year financial framework, and operational plans, among others. Likewise, to lead the elaboration and implementation of the Institutional Strategy Monitoring and Evaluation mechanism through tools such as corporate results matrix, annual corporate result index, follow-up reports, among others. Complementarily, to advise other units in the alignment of the institutional strategic framework's different components. Likewise, to advise Senior Management in the strategic management of the Bank's general budget, ensuring the allocation and reasonable application of institutional resources through controls and indicators that ensure efficiency and austerity in its implementation, as well as planning, directing, coordinating and monitoring the preparation, approval, execution, follow-up and control of the process of formulating the Bank's general budget  in coordination with all units. 

Contact information:
Carlos González, Head of the Planning and Budget Office


Communication and External Relations Office

The Communication and External Relations Office is responsible for promoting and strengthening the positioning, image, and external relations of CABEI through the consolidation of institutional and corporate relationships through high-level institutional representation, the use of different media and communication spaces, and active participation on behalf of the Bank in regional and international institutions and the best relations with stakeholders to contribute to the achievement of the Bank's mission and objectives.

Contact Information:
Saulín Arias, Head of the Communication and External Relations Office


Legal Affairs Office

Legal Counsel is responsible for ensuring the protection of the interests of the Bank, advising the Board of Governors, the Board of Directors, and the Senior Administration on all matters of a legal nature, corporate governance of the Bank, and active, passive, and administrative operations that the Institution executes in order to ensure, within the applicable legal framework, compliance with the Constitutive Agreement, regulations, policies, and other internal provisions required for the effective and efficient performance of the Bank's business.

Contact Information:
Julio Eduardo Martínez, Head of Legal Affairs


Human Resources Office

One of the main purposes of the Human Resources Office (ORH) is to be the strategic partner of the Institution, developing and making available, in accordance with the best international practices, strategies for the adequate management of the Bank's human talent, seeking to ensure, among others, the attraction, development, and retention of its collaborators, as well as the timely detection and attention of critical indicators that affect its culture and organizational climate.

Contact Information:

María José Negreira, Head of Office a.i.


Integrity and Compliance Office

The Integrity and Compliance Office ensures that the institution complies with all applicable laws, regulations and policies regarding Money Laundering, Terrorism Financing, and Financing of the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction, Integrity and Sanctions, to preserve the integrity and reputation of the Bank.

Contact Information:
Rennie Valladares Alcerro, Head of the Integrity and Compliance Office


Social and Environmental Monitoring Office

The Social and Environmental Monitoring Office is responsible for leading the process of formulating the Bank's Environmental and Social Policy and the applicable aspects of its implementation, guaranteeing the highest international environmental and social standards associated with climate change and other green issues throughout the Bank's operations, as well as leading the impact evaluation processes in the development of operations financed by CABEI.

Contact Information:
Eduardo González, Head of Office a.i.


Office of the Chief Economist

The Office of the Senior Economist (OEJ) aims to contribute to the positioning and strategic relevance of the Bank by advising high-level institutional decision-making, contributing directly to the impact that the business generates on the development of the region and promoting the formation of criteria in support of daily operations.

Contact information:

Armando Navarrete, Chief Economist Officer



Office of Social Benefits Fund

Manage the Bank's social benefits policies, with the purpose of ensuring the quality and sustainability of the social benefits granted by the Bank to its personnel, within the framework of the Organic Statute of the Social Benefits Fund and its complementary regulations.

Contact Information:
Marta Vásquez, Pension Fund Manager a.i.


Presidential Unit of Strategy and Innovation

The CABEI Presidential Strategy and Innovation Unit will coordinate and monitor the objectives and strategic business functions assigned to the Bank's country regional offices in the Kingdom of Spain, the Republic of China (Taiwan), and the Republic of Korea through their heads, ensuring positive synergies and optimal use in each of these regions by strengthening the Regional Center for Innovation and Technology.

Contact Information:
Sonia Maritza Cibrián, Head Advisor of the Presidential Unit of Strategy and Innovation