Panama became a non-founding regional CABEI member in 2007. At the close of 2020, it had a shareholding of 4.84% and US$ 64.00 million in capital contributions.

Its subscribed capital is US$ 358.40 million. Between 2016-2020, Bank approvals to the country reached the US$ 1.8 billion, while disbursements for that same period totaled US$ 1.7 billion. Specifically in 2020, CABEI channeled approvals amounting to US$ 400.0 million and disbursements totaling US$ 738.0 million to meet the population’s needs stemming from the COVID-19 emergency and to support economic recovery.

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CABEI accompanies the economic growth of Panama.

The Bank is committed to promoting sustainability, economic development and social inclusion by managing priority initiatives in the country

CABEI supports more than 85 elderly in vulnerable situations

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CABEI meets in Panama with UK authorities

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CABEI supports the National Interconnected System Innovation Strategy formulation in Panama

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