CABEI delegation visits financed projects in Argentina


During the first visit, the I+D+i Agency presented the initiatives awarded in the PICT Salto Institucional call for proposals.

Buenos Aires, November 3rd, 2022.- A delegation from the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) made several visits to Argentina in order to learn about the progress of operations currently underway in the country and identify new development opportunities.

"We are pleased to see the progress of the projects promoted by the Bank, which will soon be at the service of Argentine men and women. CABEI will continue to support our extra-regional member country Argentina in promoting operations that generate high impact in both the public and private sectors and further strengthen the relationship between Argentina and Central America," said CABEI Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi.

During the first meeting, the delegation met with the president of the National Agency for the Promotion of Research, Technological Development and Innovation, Fernando Peirano, from the I+D+i Agency. During the meeting, the progress of the Program for Strengthening Research and Development Capacities was discussed and the first projects selected from the PICT Salto Institucional call for proposals, an initiative financed by the multilateral agency to finance scientific and technological research projects aimed at generating new high impact capacities to work on new lines of research, were announced.

CABEI Director for Argentina, Felipe Solá, emphasized during this first meeting: "I would like to congratulate the Agency for these advances and presentations. There is no doubt that the financing is being well used. Political will implies filling all the gaps that technological development often does not cover, especially in areas such as health, and implies the capacity to look at new problems, but not to remain in them, but to use them as a reference to be at the forefront, to look to the future, that is the key".

On behalf of the Executive President, the Bank's Vice President, Jaime Díaz Palacios, said,"There is nothing better than a project review in the field. We are opening our offices in Buenos Aires because we see Argentina as a very important bridge between Central and South America. We know that investments in science and technology are fundamental to have an impact on development; today we have been able to confirm the scope of our support as a Multilateral Development Bank where one investment has been transformed into multiple success stories."

Afterwards, CABEI representatives visited the facilities of the Bicentennial Hospital of Ituzaingó, as a follow-up action to the Program for the Care of the Elderly Population which is expected to benefit more than 5 million elderly people through the improvement of health information systems and the implementation of the Electronic Health Record to monitor the performance of health service providers and improve access to health care through infrastructure, equipment and medicines.