CABEI Board of Directors meets in Dominican Republic


The meeting will take place within the framework of multilateral's LXIII Board of Governors' Meeting to be held on Friday, May 12.

Punta Cana, May 9th, 2023.- Important decisions that contribute to the region's economic development and social well-being are made each month at the Central American Bank for Economic Integration's (CABEI) regular Board of Directors meetings, where the LXIII CABEI Board of Governors meeting will also be held at the end of the week.

"We are pleased to celebrate another Board of Directors meeting in the Dominican Republic, a key country for CABEI as it is the gateway from Central America to the Caribbean and with which we hope to strengthen relations, in addition to bringing good news about project initiatives and development programs," said CABEI's Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi.

In December 2020, CABEI inaugurated its offices in Santo Domingo, the Dominican capital, ratifying the importance of having a physical presence in the Caribbean country in order to learn first-hand about its needs and expand its support in the priority areas defined by the public and private sectors.