CABEI Board of Directors holds first meeting in Seoul, Korea


On this occasion, they held meetings with representatives of the Export-Import Bank, the Public Power Company and the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Seoul, july 8th, 2022.- Today, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) is holding its first Board of Directors meeting in the Republic of Korea with an agenda of operations and initiatives that will advance the planning of its 2022-2024 Operational Plan, an instrument aimed at operationalizing the Bank's strategic activity.  

"CABEI continues to strengthen its expansion plan, the Bank's presence in this city confirms Korea's quality as a member. This member country has a subscribed capital of USD 95.6 million at the close of 2021 and a 7.6% shareholding at the close of 2021," said CABEI's Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi. 

The institution's directors, who represent the member nations of the Central American development bank, analyze operations and strategies that contribute to the protection of the environment, transparency and project development, among other priority issues. 

On this occasion, the Board of Directors had the opportunity to hold work meetings with representatives of the Export-Import Bank of Korea, the Public Power Company and the Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry to learn about and discuss relevant topics for the entity, such as environmental care, renewable energy, innovation and innovation.  

Finally, the board reiterated its commitment to a team that will work with enormous commitment and enthusiasm to strengthen the integration and economic development of the Central American region.  

During the sessions, the CABEI Board of Directors made progress with the approval of relevant operations related to the MSME sector, road safety and the implementation of various economic recovery and fiscal consolidation initiatives.