CABEI collaborates with sea turtle and manatee conservation in Guatemala


The donation boosts program that will train 500 people in the protection, conservation and research of these endangered species.

Guatemala City, December 1st, 2023.- To support the Sea Turtle and Manatee Conservation Training Program in the municipalities of Sipacate and Livingston, located in the departments of Escuintla and Izabal in Guatemala, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) made a US$5,000 donation to the Foundation for the Development of Dry and Semi-Arid Zones of Mesoamerica (FUNDESEM).

The initiative aims to raise awareness and inform about 500 people about the various mechanisms to contribute to the protection and conservation of endangered species. It also seeks to establish spaces for dialogue to determine concrete actions to promote the protection, conservation and research of these species.

Part of the actions that will be developed by FUNDESEM with these resources include training activities on existing regulations for wildlife conservation, as well as educational and interactive spaces to expand the training of local people in comprehensive environmental education, including waste management, sustainable tourism, mangrove conservation, as well as the recovery and reincorporation of turtles and manatees to their habitat.

The donation is part of CABEI's Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility System (SASC), through which CABEI contributes to the care of the environment by promoting education and awareness to ensure a sustainable future for subsequent generations, where nature and people can coexist in harmony.