CABEI volunteers in Guatemala participate in the development of a new ecological park


Employees, their families and friends participated in a reforestation activity in which they planted 1,000 trees native to the area.

Guatemala City, June 13th, 2023.- Aware of the importance of reforestation to restore wildlife habitat and improve air, soil and water quality, a total of sixty volunteers, including employees of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), their families and friends, participated in the planting of 1,000 native trees in an area that will become an ecological park in the municipality of Villa Canales, department of Guatemala.

The reforested site belongs to an important hydrographic basin and micro-basin area; therefore, part of the project's trees will contribute to an efficient water catchment, generating benefits for the local communities.

The activity was developed in alliance with "Plantemos", a youth movement that was born in 2012 with the purpose of improving the environment in Guatemala through massive reforestation actions during the winter season.

As part of the execution of the Environmental Management System that CABEI implements year after year, it organizes this type of initiative in the countries of the region in order to contribute to the restoration of the forest cover and compensate for the paper consumption generated as part of the operations and administrative activities in its buildings.

Reinforcing its role as the Green Bank of Central America, in the last 13 years CABEI has accumulated a total of 23,050 trees planted in the countries of the region.

This initiative is part of CABEI's Corporate Environmental and Social Responsibility System (SASC), which is part of its Environmental and Social Strategy, with which it seeks to strengthen its commitment and that of its collaborators to the environment and the community.