CABEI promotes recycling culture at its Representative Office in El Salvador


• The Bank has an Environmental Management System (EMS), with which it has been able to process 4.4 tons of waste by channeling it for recycling over a period of two years.

San Salvador, May 17th, 2023.- As the Green Bank of the region, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) applies an important reduction and responsible management of waste that has a significant impact on the operations of its representative office in El Salvador, thanks to its Environmental Management System (EMS).

Therefore, in the framework of World Recycling Day, and in line with its Environmental and Social Policy, CABEI shares the results of the good practices with which it has managed to channel 4.4 tons of waste to recycling in the period 2021 - 2023, thus reducing the impact of soil contamination generated by sending it to the sanitary landfill.

"Among all the activities we carry out as part of our EMS, recycling is one of the strongest, and it is the one in which most CABEI families participate, which has an important multiplying effect. In addition, our actions include educating third parties to dispose of the waste generated in a more effective manner and thus contribute to good environmental management," said CABEI's Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi.

One of the most noteworthy campaigns, due to its multiplying and awareness-raising effect, is the "Recycling Mondays" campaign, in which employees participate by bringing the waste generated in their homes to the office and, added to the waste generated at the Bank, it is managed through a network of qualified recycling suppliers. With this activity, 1 ton of waste has been adequately treated since its implementation in 2022.

"In my house, my children already know that every time they throw something away, they must wash it (if it is glass, plastic, or tin) because it must be clean, and place it in a specific place, according to its category, they do the classification and on the weekend they themselves pack them and put them in the trunk of my car so I can take it to the Bank. This activity has helped us as a family to educate ourselves, understand, and even help other families," said CABEI collaborator Verónica Ruiz.

The types of waste received at the office are: plastic, cardboard, cans, paper, electronics and glass, and in order to achieve optimal recycling we have adequate containers to facilitate separation, training is provided to employees and various campaigns are carried out to educate staff on recycling, such as "Electronic Recycling Day."