CABEI committed to proper waste management from its headquarters in Honduras for a more sustainable region


The initiatives correspond to the sustainable performance of its administrative and operational activities with the environment and compliance with the objectives of its Environmental Management System.

Tegucigalpa, May 17th., 2023.- Reducing the generation of waste and the consumption of resources is a necessary responsibility to care for the environment and, in the framework of World Recycling Day, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) reaffirms its commitment to manage the environmental impacts generated by its administrative and operational activities in a responsible manner in order to care for the future of the next generations.

In line with its Environmental and Social Policy, as with its Environmental Management System (EMS), the multilateral has implemented good environmental practices, which has allowed it to recycle 48 tons of waste at its offices in Honduras during the 2019-2023 period, preventing it from being sent to the landfill.

The implementation of a waste separation system, the installation of containers, employee training, the "Electronic Recycleathon" campaign and the establishment of the permanent "Recycling Monday" initiative, among others, have enabled the Bank to promote a culture of recycling among its personnel. And the environmental responsibility has been extended to their homes.

As a result of the "Recycling Monday" initiative during the 2022-2023 period, 13,545 units of aluminum cans, plastic bottles, cardboard, paper/magazines, electronic equipment, and glass bottle, corresponding to 1.7 tons of waste for recycling.

"We are proud to have collaborators and suppliers committed to the environment. For four consecutive years we have met the goals of the Bank's Environmental Management System, and recycling has been one of the significant aspects because it allows us to maintain the sustainability of internal operations, as well as those we support," said CABEI's Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi.

In addition, the multilateral has established partnerships with local organizations and companies working in waste management to strengthen their recycling initiatives and expand their impact in the country.

Sustainable resource management and commitment to the environment are fundamental pillars of CABEI's 2020-2024 Institutional Strategy, as well as of its EMS, which guarantees that the operations financed and operational activities are environmentally and socially sustainable, allowing the efforts deployed in social development, competitiveness and regional integration to be environmentally viable in the medium and long term.