CABEI celebrates World Recycling Day


Tegucigalpa, May 17th, 2022.- The consumption of resources and the generation of waste is an inherent activity of any organization. Aware of this, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) in coherence with its Environmental and Social Policy, formalized an Environmental Management System as of 2019 to manage the impact of its operational and administrative activities in Honduras and El Salvador.

Today, World Recycling Day, the Bank recognizes that the efforts made in this area have yielded positive results. "The receptiveness of employees and suppliers to the recycling issue is one of the most satisfactory results of our Environmental Management System, which is evidenced by seeing "every waste in its place" as dictated by the sustained recycling campaign circulating in our internal channels" commented President Dante Mossi, who is also the leader of the Institution's Corporate Environmental and Social Responsibility System.

Waste sent for recycling between 2019-2021 at the Bank's facilities in Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua and Costa Rica is equivalent to 61.68 tons of waste that was not sent to each country's landfill. If we consider that in Latin America an average inhabitant generates 0.9 kg per day, with the Bank's management, the waste generated in one day by 68,530 people was sent to recycling.

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The adoption of a Separation System, the presence of special containers and guidance on how to use them correctly is evidence of the Bank's tasks, which aims to spread the culture of recycling outside the offices, to reach employees' homes through the "Recycling Mondays" program, recently relaunched in May 2021, also impacting the family.

Other regular recycling initiatives include the "Electronic Recycleathon", launched annually on this date, in which employees are encouraged to manage recoverable waste by taking advantage of the Bank's partnerships with companies specializing in the management of this type of waste.

Recycling is also present in the operational objectives of the Environmental Management System implemented at CABEI Headquarters in Honduras and its Representative Office in El Salvador, which is expected to be extended to the rest of the CABEI offices in Central America in the medium term.

We share this video to show you how we recycle at CABEI.