With CABEI support, Dominican children with hearing deficits will benefit from the donation of specialized devices


Santo Domingo, july 29th - At an important meeting of the Board of Directors of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), a non-reimbursable financial cooperation grant of US$1 million was approved to support a program of great social impact in the Dominican Republic. This initiative, promoted by the First Lady of the Republic, Raquel Arbaje, aims to provide support to profoundly deaf children through access to cochlear implants.

The cochlear implant program, developed by the Cabinet of Children and Adolescents in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health, the National Health Service and the National Health Insurance (SENASA), seeks to provide a comprehensive solution for infants suffering from this condition, ensuring that more than 40 Dominican children can access the cochlear implants needed to significantly improve their hearing quality of life.

The commitment of the First Lady, Raquel Arbaje, to children and social inclusion has been fundamental for the implementation of this project that seeks to provide comprehensive care to children with profound deafness. Her leadership has been a key factor in the realization of this financial cooperation, demonstrating once again her commitment to the welfare of the youngest and most vulnerable members of Dominican society.

CABEI Director for the Dominican Republic, Mr. Hostos Rizik, highlighted, "We are proud to collaborate with the Dominican Republic on this valuable project that will benefit dozens of profoundly deaf children. The non-reimbursable financial cooperation will make it possible to carry out this important initiative, contributing to the well-being and development of Dominican children."

CABEI will continue to support its member countries in taking prevention, response, mitigation and recovery measures to guarantee the lives and safety of their citizens