CABEI reaffirms greater openness and transparency for regional development


Through international standards and best practices, the multilateral guarantees the correct use of its resources and the monitoring of its operations.

Tegucigalpa, September 28, 2021.-El Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) continues to reinforce its commitment and principles of transparency in the exercise of its activities, in addition to strengthening its governance in order to guarantee that the use of its resources or those of third parties it administers are used for the purposes for which they are intended.

In this regard, the Bank will ensure that no prohibited practices are carried out in its activities, complying with the regulations of its Anti-Fraud, Anti-Corruption and Other Prohibited Practices Policy and the Information Access Policy.

In this regard, CABEI's Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi, stated: "As an international organization and development bank, we are increasingly committed to transparency in the management and execution of our operations in all the countries of the region, and we continue to strengthen our institutional governance and accountability, ensuring that there are no cases of fraud, corruption or other prohibited practices.

At the same time, Mossi mentioned that the main mission of the institution is to promote the progress and integration of the region, fostering economic and social growth with equity and transparency, establishing relationships of trust in its operations for both the public and private sectors for the well-being of Central American and non-regional countries, in order to contribute to raising human development indexes.

Following the implementation of the Information Access Policy , the Bank has created greater openness, proactivity and predictability in the disclosure of its functions and activities, giving strong evidence of transparency in the management and performance of its operations, especially in these times of health crisis in which our audiences expect quick, accurate and reliable answers.