The DINAMICA II Initiative rewards Salvadoran micro and small businesses participating in the Specialized Diploma in E-commerce


Around 600 micro and small entrepreneurs nationwide participate in the Specialized Diploma in E-commerce, facilitated by the Development Center for Micro and Small Businesses (CDMYPE) of the Gerardo Barrios University (UGB).

San Salvador, October 5th, 2023.- The DINAMICA II Initiative of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), the European Union (EU) and the Government of Germany through KfW, will award six prizes for a total value of US $15,000 to the most innovative micro and small businesses (MSBs) that participate in the Specialized Diploma in E-commerce. This will be facilitated by the Micro and Small Business Development Center, which is specialized in digital transformation, of the Gerardo Barrios University (UGB) in El Salvador, with the support of the National Commission for Micro and Small Enterprises (CONAMYPE).

The diploma course is taught in 3 editions, in which around 600 microentrepreneurs nationwide participate. They are provided with digital tools to strengthen the management of their online store, develop effective e-marketing strategies, and grow their businesses and online sales.

Sandra Ruiz Barraza is one of the participants of the first edition and is grateful for the opportunity provided because "being able to train in the digital field for the virtualization of our enterprises or businesses, helps us to grow and reach more people, creating the possibility to sell at a national level".

Along with the completion of the diploma course, an exhibition and marketing fair is held. There, participants exhibit their products and services, demonstrating the skills acquired in the diploma course. With the fairs, a space is provided for the commercialization of their products, the establishment of contact networks to stimulate associativity, and the attraction of new clients. The first fair was held in September, the second will be held in October, and the last in December of this year.

Nantli Inversiones is the first place winner of the first fair, which is dedicated to the production of plants, vegetables and substrates of all kinds, as well as the processing and marketing of raw materials for the production of food and medicinal products. "Thanks to the funds received, we will be able to adapt a store for the production of food products and we will strengthen our business alliances to expand our coverage in the country", stated Diego Aguilera, representative of Nantli Inversiones.

The DINAMICA II Initiative is tripartite effort between CABEI, the European Union, and the Government of Germany through KfW and is implemented in Central America with the objective of promoting and strengthening the development of the business ecosystem and the private sector, especially for new, young and/or innovative MSMEs. The Initiative has a special window for El Salvador, with an allocation of more than US$6 million for technical assistance and seed capital.