CABEI volunteers contribute to the reforestation of La Tigra National Park


The Bank’s commitment to the reforestation of Honduras’s protected areas affected by pine bark beetle was demonstrated by planting 1,500 trees.

Tegucigalpa June 4, 2016. - As part of its commitment to social and environmental protection, this year the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) and its volunteers carried out their fifth reforestation effort at La Tigra National Park, one of the most important lungs for the Honduran capital. The objective was to plant 1500 pine trees in areas that have been directly affected by the pine bark beetle.

While participating in the reforestation event, CABEI Executive President Dr. Nick Rischbieth stated that, “These efforts seek to improve the quality of the city’s green areas and to contribute to environmental improvement and conservation.”

He added that, “CABEI is a multilateral organization, which regularly reaffirms its commitment to Central America’s economic, social and environmental sustainability. Since its establishment, it has carried out several initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life of the region’s citizens, as well as adopting environmental care as an essential ingredient in its formula. One example of this is the implementation of the Green Bank project, which aims to minimize the direct negative environmental impact of the Institution’s operations.

The reforestation effort at La Tigra National Park involved the participation 50 CABEI volunteers who are committed to caring for the trees. The activity was also supported by the Friends of La Tigra Foundation and the Forest Conservation Institute (ICF).

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