CABEI meets 100% of its environmental objectives for 2022 at its headquarters building in Honduras


CABEI's Environmental Management System reflects CABEI's commitment to contribute to a more sustainable region from within.


Tegucigalpa, February 22th, 2023.- For the fourth consecutive year, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) achieved 100% of the proposed objectives for 2022 of its Environmental Management System (EMS), which applies to the administrative and operational activities carried out at its headquarters building in Honduras and its office in El Salvador, reflecting the multilateral's commitment to the efficient use of water, energy, paper, green areas, transportation and recycling resources.

In particular, the operation of the EMS in the headquarters building has made it possible to reduce energy consumption by 5% through the implementation of best practices and increased the generation of renewable energy by 2% through its photovoltaic system, offset 594 tons of CO2 through the acquisition of carbon credits, reduce clean water consumption by 29%, reduce irrigation water by 14% thanks to improvements implemented in the irrigation system, reduce paper consumption by 85% and reduce non-valuable residues (waste) sent to the sanitary landfill by 44%.

"These significant achievements are possible because of the commitment and conscious participation of our collaborators at headquarters with good practices for saving paper, water and recycling, thus reaffirming our commitment to the sustainable management of our administrative and operational activities with the environment, demonstrating the coherence between what we do and what we promote. We are also happy because we are extending the EMS to three other country offices, thus expanding our responsibility to the environment," said CABEI's President, Dr. Dante Mossi.

The implementation of this initiative is currently underway in its offices in Nicaragua, Guatemala and Costa Rica, extending the environmental commitment to its administrative and operational activities and reinforcing the actions of its ISO 14001:2015 certification, which governs the Bank's internal management.

CABEI frames the EMS actions in its 2020-2024 Institutional Strategy, as well as in its Environmental and Social Strategy and Policy, which sets the guidelines to ensure that the operations financed and the operational activities are environmentally and socially sustainable, being fundamental to guarantee that the efforts deployed in social development, competitiveness and regional integration have environmental viability in the medium and long term.