CABEI brings together public sector institutional communicators to promote strategic issues for the region's economic reactivation


In its 60th Anniversary framework, CABEI creates a Communicators' Network that seeks the exchange of experiences and the strengthening of institutional communication on economy and development issues.

October 30th, 2020.- The measures chosen by different governments around the world will not be sufficient to achieve the reactivation of their economies if strategies based on science and technology are not applied.

This was explained this Friday by the renowned scientist Javier García Martínez, director of the Molecular Nanotechnology Laboratory of the University of Alicante, Spain, in the first training for institutional communicators in the region organized by the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI).

Garcia, who is a member of the World Economic Forum's Council on Emerging Technologies and of the Royal Society of Chemistry, among other organizations, exposed to more than fifty attendees from different public institutions that are strategic allies of CABEI, how technology has been used to face the crisis caused by COVID-19 so far. In addition, he provided background information that shows that technology and science have been essential to move forward in situations similar to the current one.

The virtual event was opened by CABEI's Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi, who thanked the communicators for their interest in being part of the Bank's Communicators Network and reminded them that the ultimate goal of the joint work between CABEI and its institutions, as well as those of the private sector, is to strengthen the well-being of an integrated region.

"Thanks to this joint work, today, 60 years after its creation, we can attest that CABEI is the region's main financial resource channel, disbursing from its foundation up to 2019, US$38,057.1 million, which represents more than 53% of the total disbursements made to Central America," said Mossi.

Through the creation of a CABEI Communicators Network, established in its 60th anniversary framework, the Bank intends to unify efforts and strengthen relations with its strategic allies, both institutional and press, providing them with high quality information and tools that allow them to strengthen their institutional and journalistic work.