CABEI launches the new Digital Services Portal to provide quick attention and communication with the Executing Units of the operations under execution

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This innovative tool is expected to improve communication and efficiency in operations.

Tegucigalpa, December 15th, 2023 - The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) began implementing a new communication channel with the Executing Units of each program and project, called the Digital Services Portal, which allows real-time consultation of the status of operations, as well as online management of approval requests and non-objections required for loans financed by the Bank.

The digital tool offers different benefits, among which the following stand out: the reduction of response times in the interactions between the Executing Units and CABEI, the significant improvement in the exchange of information and documents, as well as a centralized repository of information and documents, accessible to all the actors in the processes.

It establishes better standardized process flows - which were traditionally handled through e-mail, telephone or paper - allowing document management through the sending, storage and version control associated with each process.  It also establishes notifications for key users to be more communicated and streamline processes, as well as validations to avoid user errors.

Due to the nature of the tool, it has a permanent availability (24/7), always considering security standards, using controls such as the double authentication factor.

The Portal is now available to CABEI Executing Units in its first phase focused on procurement management.  The launch and training was provided to key Bank users and representatives of the Executing Units of projects under execution in Honduras and El Salvador and will continue with the rest of the countries in the region in a second phase.