CABEI strengthens its ethical culture and institutional values


As part of its strategic vision, CABEI held a conference entitled "A Journey through Ethics". Ethics Committee President Director for the Dominican Republic Hostos Rizik.

Tegucigalpa, August 28, 2023. - With the objective of promoting an ethical culture and strengthening institutional values and principles among collaborators and outsourced personnel of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), the multilateral organization held the event "A Journey through Ethics" in person at its headquarters building and online at its regional offices.

The activity, which was attended by more than 380 CABEI staff members and outsourced personnel, was inaugurated by the CABEI Director for the Dominican Republic, Hostos Rizik, President of the Bank's Ethics Committee, who called for adherence to ethics as the foundation that strengthens trust and credibility in the activities and projects financed by the bank in the region.

During the day, the Ethics Office developed a program of content related to conflicts of interest, ethical dilemmas and values, as well as a conference given by the Director of the Mexican association Hagámoslo Bien, Mariana Perales, activities that were complemented by highlighting CABEI's commitment to the promotion of ethical practices and informed decisions.