CABEI contributes to the rescue of more than 300 wild animals in the northern part of Costa Rica


• Donation to Las Pumas Rescue Center will support the purchase of medicines and food.

San José, December 19th, 2023. - Committed to the environmental sustainability of the region as established by its 2020-2024 Institutional Strategy, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) made a donation to the Las Pumas Rescue Center in Costa Rica to support the basic maintenance of 26 species of wildlife in the Northern Zone, specifically in Upala.

This center cares for more than 300 wild animals annually that have been rescued from illegal possession, run over, electrocuted, or have been orphaned and require captive care. Currently, they vary between deer, manakins, macaws and parrots, among others.

After the animals are recovered, the Center evaluates the possibility of reincorporating them into their habitat or, if for some reason they cannot be readapted, they are cared for in its facilities where they are provided with quality of life. In addition, they are open to the public, who can see them and receive talks on environmental awareness and wildlife care.

Among the expenses that can be covered with CABEI's support are the purchase of concentrated food, seeds and vitamin supplements needed to nourish the sanctuary's animal inhabitants, as well as the medicines required to attend to their health needs.

In this way, the multilateral reaffirms its commitment to sustainability and environmental conservation, consolidating the shared vision of achieving a future where biodiversity is protected and preserved.