CABEI receives "Bank Funding Team of the Year" award for Latin America and the Caribbean from Bonds & Loans for its financial innovation


The award recognizes the multilateral's efforts and commitment to meet the region's needs through new financial mechanisms in the capital markets.

Tegucigalpa, December 1, 2021.- The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) received the “Bank Funding Team of the Year” award during the 7th Bonds & Loans Latin America & Caribbean Awards 2021, This category, included for the first time in the awards, recognizes achievements in innovation, negotiation, structure and opening of new sources of funding and markets, among others.

According to the specialized publication Bonds & Loans, CABEI was recognized for its innovative approach to financing, debt management and other market comments in the awards, which were divided into 23 categories, in which more than 300 projects and public and private organizations in the region linked to the financial market were nominated.

CABEI's Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi, said, "We are flattered by this recognition, which demonstrates the institution's strong commitment to its member countries, constantly innovating to seek better market opportunities in terms of costs and financial conditions.”

"The bank has a diversified funding base and has managed to maintain uninterrupted access to international markets even in times of Global Financial Crisis, this funding base has grown over the years and has allowed the bank to issue in 24 different currencies in 23 different markets, thus CABEI continues to build an important global investor base." added Mossi.

The awards ceremony was held on December 1 during the annual Bonds & Loans Latin America & Caribbean conference, which was attended by 300 participants, including government officials, regulators, investors, bankers and companies, as well as 50 experts on topics such as macroeconomic perspectives, improving the fiscal position, Central American borrower financing and Latin American credit pricing, among others.

CABEI demonstrates, once again, that it is the financial arm that supports and promotes the integration and growth of the Central American region through financial innovation, with the objective of obtaining resources under the best conditions for the development of key projects in its member countries that have a direct impact on the population.