Winning articles of the 5th edition of the "Call for Papers" are awarded


San Salvador, February 26, 2024 - Eight outstanding individuals were recognized today at the awards ceremony for the 5th edition of the regional Call for Papers 2023, under the slogan "Advancing towards sustainable, resilient, innovative and inclusive development.” The initiative was coordinated by the SG-SICA, SIECA through the Center for Economic Integration Studies (CEIE); and CABEI, through the Regional Center for Innovation and Technology (CRIT) and the Independent Evaluation Office (ODEI).

This fifth edition received a total of 121 entries with valuable contributions on the various areas of development in the region focused on the pillars of integration: Institutional Strengthening, Economic Integration, Social Integration, Climate Change and Comprehensive Risk Management and Democratic Security, with the participation of 171 authors from 13 different nationalities in the Americas, Europe and Asia; of which 86 were sent by men and 35 by women.

Winning articles

The winning research papers were evaluated by an Editorial Committee made up of representatives of the coordinating institutions, taking into account compliance with the contest rules, such as editorial regulations, thematic relevance, and adequate structuring of the article. The prizes were awarded as follows:

First place: "Next Generation Climate Change Scenarios for Central America and the Dominican Republic: Implications for Public Investment Management", co-authored by:

  • Blanca Calderón - Costa Rica
  • Eric Alfaro - Costa Rica
  • Hugo Hidalgo - Costa Rica
  • Iván Cerda - Chile
  • Paula Pérez * Costa Rica  

Second place: Sustainable development and inclusion: Dynamics of inequality dampening complexities in Central American countries, by:

  • Manuel A. Vanegas (United States)

Third place: Historical dynamics of Central American economic integration: what are the determining factors, by:

  • Néstor Torres (Nicaragua)

In addition, on this occasion, an honorable mention for outstanding research work was given to the article:

Benefits and repercussions of large-scale tourism in Central America, a propositional approach to integration through quality as a strategy to address the derived problems, by:

  • Luis Humberto Gutiérrez Galera (Costa Rica)

The coordinating institutions stated that the initiative sought to promote applied research and prospective and proactive reflection from the innovation scenarios, by promoting a space that encourages the construction, application, and dissemination of articles and technical-academic proposals that will strengthen the capacities of regional institutions to advance an integrated agenda, providing a response to the current challenges of an interconnected world.

The Call for Papers included the participation of Strategic Partners whose academic and research trajectory gave a boost to the initiative: the Central American Institute of Public Administration (ICAP), the Central American University Superior Council (CSUCA), the ETEA Foundation, the Institute of Development of the Loyola Andalucía University and the Institute of International Studies of the University of Chile.

The award ceremony included participation from Carlos Taiff Sandoval, Ambassador of the Republic of Honduras in El Salvador, and Pro Tempore President of SICA; José Alejandro Zelaya, CABEI Director for El Salvador; Francisco Lima Mena, Secretary General of SIECA; and Ingrid Figueroa Santamaría, Executive Director of the SICA General Secretariat.