With CABEI support, delivery of 213 biodigesters to schools in El Salvador begins


San Salvador, September 2023 - Around 152,000 students and 6,650 adults will be able to apply better environmental practices, protect their health and prevent respiratory diseases when preparing food in 190 schools in El Salvador, thanks to a US$1.0 million non-reimbursable financial cooperation grant from the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) under the "Supply of Biogas Producing Biodigesters" initiative.

Currently, the Hydroelectric Executive Commission of the Lempa River (CEL) began installing the first 79 biodigesters of the 213 planned. It also provides training for the teachers and students of the schools so that they can make the necessary use of them.

Thus, with the progress of the installation process of the equipment, it has been possible to replace the use of firewood, prevent exposure to smoke and heat in the kitchens due to firewood combustion, avoiding damage to the health of students, teachers and parents. In the same way, sustainable development and environmental awareness are promoted through the use of eco-friendly technologies that contribute to improve the health and education of Salvadoran children.

The biodigester is a hermetic system that uses organic waste (food scraps or animal excrement) and through a natural process of anaerobic bacteria, decomposes the organic material into biogas (clean gas) and high quality foliar liquid organic fertilizer, so that the biogas produced can be used for cooking food and organic fertilizer that is rich in nutrients, so it can also be used in school gardens.

As the region's Green Bank, CABEI promotes the development of environmentally friendly technologies as sources of self-sufficiency that improve the quality of life of the region's inhabitants.