CABEI provides the region with 182,000 COVID-19 tests


The region's multilateral development institution provided 182,000 tests for early detection of COVID-19 to the countries of the Central American region.

Tegucigalpa, April 02, 2020.- The Executive President of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), Dr. Dante Mossi, confirmed the arrival of 182,000 COVID-19 early detection tests to be immediately distributed to the countries of the region.

Resources allocated to the initiative amount to up to US$2.1 million. The availability of the resources and prompt approval by the Bank's Board of Directors facilitated the direct procurement of medical equipment for early detection of COVID-19.

Such will be distributed to all the countries of the Central American Integration System (SICA). The donation falls under the framework of the COVID-19 Emergency Support, Preparedness and Economic Reactivation Program, specifically component 2, which involves providing assistance for the regional purchase and supply of medication and medical equipment for the early detection of COVID-19.

Dr Mossi stated that, “CABEI's partners in Seoul have provided a positive and quick response with strategic inputs that are 99 percent accurate and will reinforce actions in the health systems of the countries of the region. The Bank's response to the health emergency has been swift and effective, providing important disbursements for health actions and to strengthen the economy.”

Dr. Mossi concluded with the following statement: "CABEI reiterates its solidarity and robust support to the region's countries and will continue carrying out joint work to mitigate the effects generated by the spread of COVID-19."