CABEI donates US$95,000 for studies to strengthen the Costa Rican Justice System


The Ministry of Justice and Peace carries out efforts to formulate an Infrastructure Works and Equipment Program for the Penitentiary System.

San José, April 13, 2020. - The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) granted non-reimbursable financial cooperation in the amount of US$95,000 to the Government of Costa Rica. The resources will be used by the  Ministry of Justice and Peace to carry out pre-feasibility studies for the strengthening of its prison system, which in February 2020 registered an overcrowding of 31.64%.

Among other factors, the initial studies cover the analysis of the land and environmental variables, will last three months starting on April 14, 2020 and will be a benchmark for the project designs included in the Infrastructure Works and Equipment Program for the Costa Rican Penitentiary System. The project will benefit approximately 9,405 inmates with 1,800 new spaces.

In this regard, CABEI Executive President,  Dr. Dante Mossi, stated that, “In addition to respecting their physical and mental integrity, it is crucial to guarantee the living conditions of people deprived of liberty; this non-reimbursable cooperation will be of great use for promoting the authorities of Costa Rica to start moving in that direction.”

CABEI fully supports the formulation of this program, which includes the construction of two new penitentiary centers, expansion of two existing ones, construction of a monitoring building for the Penitentiary Police, replacement and construction of new modules, installation of electrical connections in five centers and construction of water treatment plants in six centers.