CABEI and the Republic of Korea develop workshop on Social Housing and Resilient Redevelopment in Guatemala


Guatemala City, June 21st, 2022.- On Monday, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) held a workshop on "Social Housing and Redevelopment Efforts Incorporating Climate Change Adaptation Measures Considering Natural Disasters" as part of the capacity building actions carried out within the framework of the Korea-CABEI Single Donor Trust Fund (KTF).

The objective of the workshop was to share Korea's experiences and expertise in redevelopment, and to present policy recommendations for improving urban development and social housing, as well as the analysis of possible situations arising from climate change and natural disasters.

"One of the Bank's priorities is to promote access to decent housing, improve the urban environment and mitigate vulnerability to disasters in the region. On this occasion, with the support of the Republic of Korea, we are seeking to identify new schemes to promote the development of social housing for national and local governments, as well as for families and the population in general who need access to this type of opportunity," highlighted CABEI Executive President, Dr. Dante Mossi.

This initiative is being carried out in Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua, for which an exhaustive analysis of the problems and situations generated by natural disasters in each country will be carried out, which will make it possible to suggest adapted directions for improvement through case studies, urban development policies, smart cities and social housing supply developed in the Republic of Korea, where they have been innovative leaders in this sector.

Representatives of the Guatemalan Housing Fund (FOPAVI), the Municipality of Guatemala, the Presidential Planning and Programming Secretariat (SEGEPLAN), the National Agency of Alliances for Economic Infrastructure Development (ANADIE), the Central American Housing Association (ACENVI), and the Green Building Council (GBC) participated in the activity.

On behalf of the Republic of Korea, the Korea Business Promotion Agency (KOTRA), the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) and the Korean consulting firms HAN-A Urban Research Institute and LH-Korea State Land and Housing Corporation attended the event.