CABEI: 834 thousand Nicaraguans will have improved drinking water and sanitary sewerage service


A CABEI-supported project will guarantee continuous access to water resources for human consumption and urban and rural sanitation.

Managua, October 18, 2021 - Nicaragua will soon complete the execution of the " Improvement and Expansion of Drinking Water Supply and Sanitation Systems in 19 cities" project, financed by the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), whose main scope will be to increase drinking water coverage by 94% and sanitary sewerage services by 74%, equivalent to the installation of 7,900 household connections.

The initiative will have an impact on the lives of 562,000 Nicaraguans, who will have 24 hours a day with constant drinking water service in their homes; and on the lives of 272,000 people who will improve their hygienic conditions through sanitary sewage service.

"We continue to contribute to the wellbeing of Nicaraguan families, since these works will reduce the number of diseases caused by the lack of this vital liquid, strengthen their businesses, and improve the service provided by medical centers and schools, among many other benefits," said CABEI Executive President Dr. Dante Mossi.

In the municipalities of Chinandega, Chichigalpa, Jalapa, Masaya and Santo Tomás, 99% physical progress has been made in the drinking water component, with the construction of 181.74 kilometers of distribution network; 55.80 kilometers of pipelines; 7,262 new connections and the rehabilitation of 6,630 connections, as well as the generation of 40,044 cubic meters of water. In addition, 20 wells, three pumping stations, 15 tanks and two treatment plants were built.

On the other hand, the construction of 45.82 kilometers of the sanitary sewerage network; 7.26 kilometers of the collector network; 5,144 household connections and the construction of 3 wastewater treatment plants in the municipalities of La Trinidad, Malpaisillo, Cárdenas and Managua are also noteworthy.

At the national level, 992 jobs were created and the operational capacity of Nicaraguan Water and Sewage Company (Empresa Nicaragüense de Acueductos y Alcantarillado) (ENACAL) was strengthened by establishing six regional centers for immediate attention in the cities of Granada, León, Estelí, Juigalpa, Bilwi and Bluefields.

CABEI financed the works with US$100 million. In addition to this water and sanitation project, the multilateral is executing four important initiatives in this sector for the benefit of one million Nicaraguans.