For the ninth consecutive year, the country regional office of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) in San José was certified as Carbon Neutral, a distinction that it has managed to maintain thanks to important efforts of efficient control of consumptions that in turn are reported as eco-efficiency goals.


Efforts include staff awareness activities such as talks on environmental management and the mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions, the replacement of air conditioning equipment with more efficient units with the use of more environmentally friendly refrigerant gas, intelligent lighting systems, installation of polycarbonate roof sheets for better natural lighting and the acquisition of a hybrid car to transport its officials to official activities, among others.

This certification, granted by the Technical Standards Institute Association of Costa Rica (INTECO) and the Costa Rican Accreditation Entity (ECA), reflects the institution's continuous commitment to environmental and social sustainability, and is in line with its strategic axis of environmental and social sustainability, as well as the criteria established by the country's Carbon Neutrality 2.0 Program of the Ministry of Environment and Energy (MINAE).

In 2023 the CABEI country regional office in Costa Rica achieved the compensation of 40 tons of CO2 generated as part of its operation.

In addition, this office is in the process of certification in the Environmental Management System under the ISO 14:2015 standard, a distinction that the CABEI offices in Guatemala, El Salvador and Nicaragua already have, in addition to its headquarters in Honduras, and which evidences the Institution's commitment to environmental care, from its operational and administrative functioning to the operations it finances.