CABEI Nicaragua Volunteers reforest 500 trees in Natura Reserve


As part of the actions of its Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility System (SASC), from 2010 to date, the Bank has planted more than 23,000 trees in the region.


Managua, 19th septiembre de 2023.— The Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), committed to environmental sustainability and aware of the impact of its operations and administrative activities in Nicaragua, gathered a total of 30 volunteers, including employees and their families, to reforest an area of 1.22 hectares in the Natura Reserve, located at kilometer 54.5 on the highway to the municipality of Villa El Carmen, in Managua.

The participants, who for the third consecutive year are carrying out this activity in Reserva Natura in favor of the environment, planted 500 trees of 11 species such as acetuno, mahogany, strawberry tree, samanea saman, royal cedar, among others, for a total of 1,500 trees in the three years of reforestation.

The areas selected for planting were determined under forestry criteria such as the increase of the forest mass for ecosystem restoration purposes and according to the needs of forest management.

Reserva Natura is part of an ecological restoration effort of the tropical dry forest in the South Pacific of Nicaragua. It has an area of 434 hectares, of which 55 hectares make up 2 artificial lakes that harvest rainwater from the Sierras de Managua and the Los Cajones sub-basin.

CABEI's volunteer activity is carried out annually as part of the actions of the Corporate Environmental and Social Responsibility System (SASC), to offset the C02 emissions caused by paper consumption as part of its operations, and is in line with its Environmental and Social Strategy to contribute to social development, competitiveness and regional integration.