The LIX CABEI Board of Governors meeting ends with new commitments to zero carbon emissions and access to information


• CABEI is currently the main provider of financial resources for the region's development as it works to improve the quality of life of millions of Central Americans.



• During CABEI's most important annual event, its Zero Carbon Declaration was announced and more ambitious sustainability goals were set.


San Salvador de Jujuy April 26, 2019. - The LIX Assembly of Governors of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI), held on April 26 in Jujuy Province, Republic of Argentina, ended with important announcements regarding the economic, social and environmental development of Central America and the Bank's member countries.

CABEI takes a step forward towards renewable energy

The Bank issued its Zero Carbon Statement with its commitment to identifying initiatives that foster climate change mitigation and prevention, support for the strengthening of low-carbon economies, societies resilient to climate change, sustainable food production, clean energy generation and energy efficiency.
CABEI continues to make strategic progress in the implementation of best practices

Another notable announcement was the Board of Governors' approval of the Declaration on Access to Information. The Declaration adopts and implements accountability mechanisms, particularly with regard to transparency and access to information.

Its objective is to increase citizens' access to information so that they can have greater knowledge and understanding of the initiatives, projects and programs that are financed by the Bank.

From the perspective of the Bank's member countries, access to information promotes better government coordination of their priorities and national budgets, facilitating CABEI's approach to obtaining resources.

Likewise, in the framework of the celebration of the LIX CABEI Board of Governors meeting, the Bank's main achievements over the past year were highlighted, including:

•    Financing of road infrastructure programs and projects, as well as those involving health care, water, education, agricultural development and MSME financing.
•    Estimated creation of 70 thousand jobs and state income generation of US$63 million.
•    22 regional programs currently under execution.
•    Signing of the adhesion agreement with the Republic of South Korea.
•    CABEI has achieved the best investment grade in Latin America with an AA rating by Standard & Poor's.

CABEI Executive President Dr. Dante Mossi declared that "CABEI is currently the main provider of financial resources for the region's development and is working to improve the quality of life of the millions of Central Americans," adding that "the objectives to be achieved over the next five years include implementing such high-impact regional projects as the Gulf of Fonseca project and the regional railroad construction project."

From an integral perspective, the Bank is working energetically to foster the well-being of Central Americans with an approach focused on promoting sustainable economic and social development in the region.

Finally, at the close of the LIX Board of Governors meeting, it was announced that Mexico will host next year's meeting, as the Bank celebrates its sixtieth anniversary.