CABEI building in Costa Rica is certified as carbon neutral for the fifth consecutive year


CABEI has incorporated important adjustments to comply with its strategic axis of environmental and social sustainability.

San José, Costa Rica, February 11, 2021. – For the fifth consecutive year, the Representative Office of the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) in Costa Rica certified its building as carbon neutral.

This was confirmed by the Costa Rican Technical Standards Institute Association (INTECO) and the Costa Rican Accreditation Body (ECA), which accredited the achievement for the 2019 period.

Significant adjustments have been made to the San José building in recent years with the aim of reducing the emissions generated by the operations carried out in the building, as well as to comply with the strategic axis of environmental and social sustainability that CABEI maintains in its Institutional Strategy..

For example, some of them are: replacement of air conditioning equipment with more environmentally friendly refrigerant, change of elevator, replacement of roof sheets with polycarbonate ones for a more efficient use in terms of lighting and solar radiation, and the acquisition of a plug-in hybrid electric car; as well as staff awareness activities such as talks related to environmental management, and how to prevent and mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, among others.

"We are pleased with this consecutive achievement by CABEI's Representative Office in Costa Rica, which demonstrates the staff's commitment to preserving the environment, as well as the Bank in general," said CABEI Executive President Dante Mossi.

Through its cross-cutting axis of environmental and social sustainability, CABEI ensures the approval of programs and projects that favor social ownership and address the need to preserve the environment.