Clarifying Statement


Tegucigalpa,  March 9, 2024.- Regarding the news circulated recently from the CABEI, we want to clarify very emphatically that our objective as a development bank is to serve all member countries in implementing projects that positively transform the lives of Central Americans. We do not want to stop supporting any country in any way. On the contrary, our goal is to support more in the implementation of comprehensive solutions that reduce poverty, promote equity, contribute to environmental care, promote infrastructure development, increase competitiveness, and improve the quality of life of people.

We wanted to express that the CABEI can better serve all countries by seizing the opportunity to increase its participation in those countries with more room for growth in our portfolio. This is positive because it would help address the main challenges for the development and integration of Central Americans. In turn, this is desirable because it will allow us to diversify the portfolio and thus open up more financing space for all countries. Overall, this helps us strengthen our financial profile and fulfill our mission to support the sustainable development of Central America.

We want to emphasize our main objective of being the most relevant development bank in Central America and promoting prosperity in the region.