CABEI financed water infrastructure improvements improve quality of life for 5 million Costa Ricans


Several projects are being implemented in the country to improve water quality, guarantee it to the population and ensure proper sanitation.

San José, March 22, 2024.- According to ECLAC reports, with more than 93% potable water coverage for the benefit of its inhabitants, Costa Rica is the country in the region with the best indexes in this sector, which is so influential in ensuring the quality of life of the population, since the average in Latin America is 86.5%.

In the framework of World Water Day, the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI) celebrates the significant advances in water infrastructure that benefit communities throughout the country, guaranteeing them access to the vital liquid or its proper treatment through the execution of dozens of projects that have received its technical and financial support.

Important initiatives include:

  1. San José Metropolitan Area Supply, Urban Aqueducts and Puerto Viejo de Limón Sanitary Sewerage Program: This program includes the construction of an integrated aqueduct system for Ciudad Neilly, Canoas, Laurel and Vereh in the southern part of the country, as well as improvements to the sanitary sewerage system in Puerto Viejo de Limón and the implementation of a sludge treatment system for the Miraflores de Pérez Zeledón water treatment plant. In addition, the increase and improvements to the Ciudad Cortés aqueduct will benefit more than 167,000 people.
  2. San José Metropolitan Area Supply Program, Urban Aqueducts II and Juanito Mora Sanitary Sewerage in Puntarenas: This program includes eleven essential projects, including improvements to supply systems in different regions of the country, such as Pérez Zeledón, Alajuela and San José, as well as the construction of collectors and improvements to wastewater treatment plants in Puntarenas, benefiting more than 551,000 people.
  3. Unaccounted Water Reduction and Energy Efficiency Project (RANC-EE): This project aims to optimize operations related to water management in aqueducts and improve energy efficiency in pumping stations, in order to reduce non-revenue water and improve existing infrastructure. More than 5 million people will benefit from these improvements.
  4. Potable Water and Sanitation Program for Coastal Areas, Quality Management and Service Efficiency: This program contemplates various works to improve the supply of potable water in coastal areas, such as Guácimo, Quepos - Manuel Antonio and Jacó, benefiting more than 269,000 people. In addition, the construction of the National Water Laboratory is foreseen.
  5. Sewerage and Flood Control Program for Limón: This program includes the construction of flood control systems in Limoncito and the expansion of the sanitary sewerage system in central Limón, benefiting more than 300,000 people.

"CABEI is proud to be part of the solutions and a strategic ally of the Costa Rican Water and Sewerage Institute (AyA) for the development of crucial infrastructure throughout the country that improves water supply, sewerage and sanitation systems. We reaffirm our commitment to continue working to guarantee the quality of life and well-being in Costa Rica" concluded CABEI Executive President Gisela Sánchez.